Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Special Person

Ethel's birthday was in June. She and her husband, Paul, are a great help at the church. Thanks Ethel, for your friendship!

Record-Setting Dinner

Sunday the 5th two of Mark's brothers were here for church and we had a missionary. The Lord has blessed us with a large table, and we certainly needed it as we had sixteen for dinner!

4th Preparations

Mark's family came to help me celebrate Independence Day. It was a wonderful day! I didn't get any photos on the actual day, but did get some of Mark and nephew Henry building a shelter for the BBQ. It was good we had it, because when it was time to start the meat it was raining and windy. Thankfully, it stopped and we were able to eat outside and the kids had a great time playing!

Handy Man

My hubby is a very capable man at many things. Here he is finishing converting one of the old farm rooms into storage space.

Baptismal Service

In June we had a baptismal service followed by a barbeque. However, the children were the only ones brave enough to eat outside, as it was on the cool side that day!


Mark and I took a day trip to Enniskillen and the Marble Arch Caves. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing day!

May Kid's club

We have been having beautiful weather since May, and we took advantage of that to have some outdoor games, which, unsurprisingly, included water! I was the smartest one in the bunch and was inside cleaning and setting up for Sunday! (And taking pictures from the windows!)

June Birthdays

Once again, I am playing catch up! We had about seven birthdays but due to chicken pox and other circumstances, Karen and Thomas celebrated on their own!