Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What Do We Learn?

The people of Bethel Baptist Church have the habit of shaking hands when each person arrives at church and once again before heading home. Young and old alike do this. Today we called in with Paul and Ethel to fix a computer and when it was time for us to leave 15 month old Rachel Leigh came running to shake our hands! We were so tickled by it. I was reminded of how important it is for all of us - both young and old - to make sure that we are influenced by good habits .

Thursday, 15 January 2009

God's Wonderful Ways

This past Monday was our monthly ladies' Bible study. We normally have about 45 minutes of Bible study and then a time of food and fellowship. (Of course!) This month I had decided to just use biscuits and sweets that I had on hand instead of making something special. At about 4:30 I began to panic (as only a woman can!) that this was not acceptable and that I needed to bake something. Before the crisis could become full-blown I received a text from Ethel that she had made some peppermint bars to bring to the Bible study! When the ladies arrived, Margaret handed me a tin of biscuits! Once again, God went above and beyond in supplying! It is a seemingly small thing, and yet it was a powerful reminder that the Lord cares for us in ways that we cannot imagine and supplies our needs before we even know that we have them!